About the Boat

About the boat

At Jet Boat 360, we use a custom-built 5-star luxury jet boat that has been manufactured and shipped from New Zealand specifically for this activity. Our boat has been built by Kwik Kraft, a highly respected name within the industry, having several decades of experience in manufacturing high powered river and ocean-going jet boats. While Kwik Kraft has designed and built numerous jet boats for a variety of applications, the one that we use here at Jet Boat 360 has been crafted to deliver dynamic performance and high-speed maneuverability. In the Kwik Kraft jet boat that we use, the hull design has been tweaked to enhance further its performance and perform maneuvers that would otherwise have not been possible. Powered by two 450HP Kodiak engines coupled with twin Hamilton jet units, our boats can race up to speeds of 50 knots with ease.

Kwik Kraft 7800

Jet boats are a unique piece of machinery having the ability to perform twists and turns that is not possible with regular speed boats. The Kwik Kraft jet boat that we use here at Jet Boat 360 has been specially designed with a shallow draft, which enables it to travel at high speeds in less than 30cms of water. While the twin-Kodiak engines themselves are capable of powering and propelling the boat to speeds of 50 knots, the unique hull design enables our captain to perform tricks and spins while gliding along the Dubai coastline.

Our fleet of purpose-built Kwik Kraft jet boats has proven to be the best choice of machinery for thrill-seekers as it can perform complex maneuvers while remaining stable at high speeds and varying conditions. The twin-turbo engines expel water at such a rate that the thrust of the boat and resultant acceleration is genuinely amazing, which in turn helps to steer the boat easily and therefore perform turns in a much tighter radius than traditional boats. Whether it is a slide, a fast 180-degree turn, or a 360-degree spin, our jet boat is capable of it all and is unrivaled in its performance and drivability.

About the boat

Boat Specifications

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Purpose-built KwikKraft
7800 Jet Boat

About the boat details

450 HP Twin-Turbo Engines
(Combined Power of 900HP)

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Seating Capacity of 20 Including
Captain and Deckhand

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Constructed of Heavy Gauge Marine Aluminum

About the boat details

Dynamic Maneuvers, Drifts, and High-speed spins

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Twin Hamilton Jet Units for Supreme Responsiveness

About the boat details

6-Minute Adrenalin Packed
Sightseeing of Dubai

The Ride

Our action-packed jet boat tour in Dubai includes 60-minutes of high intensity and adrenalin-pumping maneuvers at speeds of up to 50knots. Apart from the thrills and spins, passengers will also have an opportunity to witness some of the Emirate’s iconic landmarks, as they’ve never seen before. We encourage each of our guests to make the most of their time onboard our boat. While the primary objective of our tour is to provide clients with an unforgettable and exhilarating experience, we also seek to give them a different perspective of the city. Our Jet Boat tours are open for all individuals, irrespective of their ages. All passengers shall be provided with the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets and seatbelts. If you have a custom requirement, reach out to us today, and we’ll provide a tailored solution just for you.


About the boat


The Route

Dubai is unlike any other city in the world, as a multi-cultural hotspot, the Emirate is famous for its luxury hotels and architectural wonders. At Jet Boat 360, we enable our clients to see some of the Emirate’s most famous landmarks through a high-speed adventure across the Arabian Gulf.

Available six times a day, our jet boat tour kick starts from Fishing Harbor 3 in Umm Suqeim, home to Kite Beach and numerous beach-side restaurants. After a short safety briefing by your onboard captain, we set on course towards Atlantis, the Palm, a 5-star resort which is best seen from the sea. Through a barrage of high-speed spins and turns, we’ll make our way towards the second major destination in our tour, the 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. The city of Dubai is riddled with so much to see from the ocean that it is virtually impossible to pack it all in one tour unless it’s with Jet Boat 360.


The Manoeuvres

The Kwik Kraft jet boats that we use here at Jet Boat 360 is capable of performing thrilling spins and turns at high speeds. All of this is possible due to the outstanding design and power of the state-of-the-art Kodiak jet engines and its innovative hull design.



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