What Should I Expect on a Dubai Jet Boat Tour?

What Should I Expect on a Dubai Jet Boat Tour?

Dubai is well-known to tourists chiefly because of the diverse experiences that it has to offer. The city is highly renowned for its sublime architecture that lies in the Persian Gulf. There is no one way to enjoy Dubai, but, perhaps the best way to view these beautiful buildings is by taking a jet boat tour.

If you are going on a Jet Boat tour in Dubai, read this article to know what you should expect, so you are thoroughly prepared for the ride and to take snaps at a moment’s notice.

Expert Commentary

When embarking on a speed boat tour, it is great to have a guide who can provide information on the multiple attractions that you will be passing by. Guides are quite knowledgeable and provide expert commentary on various architectural enigmas, answer your queries, and indulge you in narratives. Although the same information is provided in guidebooks, having an expert guide who can walk you through them does greater justice to the tour.

Experience Dubai From the Seas

The jet boat tour of Dubai will be focused mainly around Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. The ride lasts for 40 minutes. When the jet boat tour starts, you need to wear safety jackets. During the tour, you can expect a thrilling ride as the boat cuts through the waters at a high speed. The tour is completely safe and provides a thrilling experience of the skyline from the seas.

Picturesque Attractions

Have your camera handy, for during the jet boat ride you are sure to encounter some jaw-dropping sights. The view of the Atlantis and the Palm Jumeirah archipelago with the skyline in the backdrop sure do make for picture-perfect shots. We recommend you take either a morning or an evening tour as the rising and the setting sun will add an extra dimension to the beauty of the Dubai skyline.

Safety Tips

Although jet boats are very safe, you may want to hold on to your valuables as the ride may get bumpy. If you are travelling with children, ensure that they hold on to the railing tightly. If you are prone to nausea, you should sit somewhere in the middle at the back of the jet boat.

Dubai offers some of the best attractions in the world and a Jet boat tour is an ideal way of basking in its glory. Follow the safety instructions provided by your guide and rest assured you will have a smooth ride.